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I have ED problem. Which Pump/Product will be good?

For erectile Dysfunction problem you can use Penis Pumps which help you get really hard erections & improve your performance in bed.We have many best quality pump in our store you can find a suitable one for you like automatic one or hand handled.They all work great for ED.

Which is the best product that ensures the increase in penis size (permanantly) and effective in a practical way? Also safe which do not cause any damage

Penis Extender Devices are the best when it comes to increase in penis size permanently and effective in a practical way. Penis Devices/Extenders are based on the science of traction, which increases the overall length and girth of your penis.

What to do if a female has never felt any pleasure during sex ? This has been true even after multiple attempts.

Its all about mind set and the things like physical or mental stress can be a reason too but if  a women feel bored from sex than you can try to introduce to new things like sex toys or dirty talks which can help you with that.But seeking a expert in person will help you a lot.And also try to know her views on the topic.

I yelled the word mumma while having sex. Is this nornal ?

Different people react in different ways while having sex. Some scream, some shout, some moan & many other things.That is normal. It simply depends on their mood & fantasy. You yelled the word “mumma” while having sex , that’s very much normal, no issues in that. Have a great time in bed.

I am suffering for prmeture ejaculation.Something that i can try?

Yes, give a try to penis rings that will help you to increase time of your intercourse and cock rings are very easy to use and cheap in cost.For their use,please watch our user guide for cock rings.

I want to invest a sex toy which does not include penetration. What would be best?

Try Magic Wand massagers and pussy licker toys that are very new to market,comes with different speeds & patterns. Also you can choose from a variety of Women Sex Toys available on our website.

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